Iggy Azalea Reveals ‘Surviving the Summer’ EP Release Date


It’s been a longtime in the making, but Iggy Azalea‘s upcoming Surviving the Summer EP finally has a release date set in stone.

The Australian rapper hopped on Twitter yesterday (June 8), to reveal the project will release in less than one month. “Also – Since i cant seem to speak about anything without being asked – when is the EP dropping: S.T.S. is dropping July 6th #TheMoreYouKnow,” she tweeted.

Originally set for a June 2 release, the EP was hit with another delay, but according to Iggy, it’s simply because her record label needs to reorganize. “My record label, Island records, is changing presidents this month,” the rapper tweeted. “We have to allow time for everyone in the company to re-organise, its a big change! I’m really happy to welcome the new Island Records president cant wait to release this EP with him leading the team!”

Surviving the Summer was originally titled Digital Distortion but the project was hit with a number of delays and never saw the light of day. Earlier this year, Azalea revealed the record’s new title and shared project’s lead single, “Savior.”

“No offense, I love y’all, but are we the strongest fandom?” she asked. “‘Cause we have no chart debut and terrible streaming.” The rapper added that she only has like 60 fans but still loves them all.

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