Cardi B Throws Her Wig off Mid-Concert, Pleas for Fans to Return It

Cardi B has taken the term “wig snatched” to a whole new level by snatching the wig off of herself and making it fly during her concert on Friday (July 5).

Cardi performed as a headliner at London’s Wireless Festival and got a bit carried away during her performance. She was dancing on the catwalk when she decided to throw her long black wig into the crowd of adoring fans. Cardi finished her performance in her wig cap to the delight of fans. Fans all tried catching the wig and it seems like one lucky fan grabbed it for a one of a kind souvenir.

After the show, Cardi tweeted her regret for throwing her wig along with sharing the epic video a fan caught on camera. “I GOT CARRIED AWAY …….I want my wig back :/ Dm me,” Cardi tweeted.

After Cardi tweeted her plea, fans began searching for the wig on eBay and other internet shopping websites. As of now, the wig has not been posted online for purchase.

Because of the epicness of the stunt, Cardi was the No. 2 trending topic in the U.K. after her first U.K. headlining festival performance.

Watch the video of her epic move below!

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