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You won’t believe what comes in this “Happy Meal” from Burger King for Valentines Day. Take a look inside this Fast Food Box with Joe Kelley on 96.5 the Beach.

Burger Kings in Israel are giving grown-up customers extra incentive to visit this Valentine’s Day: Jerusalem Post is reporting the fast food chain is packaging an “Adults Meal” that includes sex toys to get you in the mood after downing your Whoppers and chicken fries. Granted, these are ”adult toys” in the tamest way possible—nothing you can comfortably insert or battery-operated—just a satin blindfold, a scalp tingler, and a feather tickler, according to this YouTube ad.

Burger King Israel has been fairly experimental in its approach to fast food. For its Hanukkah campaign this past December, the chain offered a hybrid Whopper and sufganiyah, essentially a burger with a round jelly doughnut bun, filled with ketchup.

The adults meal promotion appears only to be good on Valentine’s Day, and only after 6 p.m. It seems to be a smart idea, because if you’re getting your honey Burger King for Valentine’s Day, you’ll really need adult toys to get your partner in the mood.


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